Every year the Recruitment Days offer interesting activities for their participants, for example workshops, a CV and LinkedIn check. These activities are a useful way to fill in the gaps in your personal schedule.



On Monday from 9:00 until 11:00 Careerstarter will offer an E-assessment training (both for Dutch and International students)
The Careerstarter E-assessment training explains the primary goals of e-assessments in recruitment, and has a detailed explaination about a subject in logical reasoning. During the training a detailed strategy for optimizing solution quality and speed is given, and there are many practice questions included. After the training you’ll be prepared for this part of the E-assessments used by big Dutch employers. If you have questions about E-assessments, or want more specific information about the training, please contact info@careerstarter.nl with your question.

Email: info@careerstarter.nl
Phone number: 020 2600 110
Website: www.careerstarter.nl and www.hellotest.nl





On Tuesday from 9:00 until 11:00 Carrierebus /Young Talent Group will offer a training on non-verbal communication (for Dutch speaking students only). On Tuesday and Wednesday they will provide CV-checks in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Nonverbal communication (this training is for Dutch speaking students only)
Everybody should know that when we are communicating, the receiver is somehow influenced by nonverbal communication. This workshop is about creating awareness of nonverbal communication. What influences nonverbal communication, how can you benefit from it and where do you need to pay attention to. It all comes together at the end of the workshop when we perform a role playing session all together.

About De Carrièrebus (CareerBus)/ Your Talent Group
De Carrièrebus (CareerBus) helps students who are in their job market orientation phase. For example, De Carrièrebus offers advice on master’s programs and guides students in the first step to the labor market. Experienced professionals offer free advice on issues like personal branding, job interviews, attractive employers, branches, internships, graduatejobs and traineeships.

Do you need personal career advice or do you have a specific question? De Carrièrebus can help you independently with checking your CV, writing a letter of application, preparing for your application and finding a suitable internship, graduatejob or traineeship and the employer that suits you best! In addition, De Carrièrebus advises on the possibilities for further education and how to best profile yourself in the labor market.

Do you want to know more?
Please feel free to contact us at one of our websites Yourtalentgroup.nl, Startersfuncties.nl, ITfuncties.nl, Stagefuncties.nl, TraineeshipVacatures.nl, WorkingatStartups.nl or DiversityJobs.nl or send an e-mail to: gunay@carrierebus.nl. For the latest career news, useful application tips and career-related issues, we will keep you informed via Twitter @Carrierebus, Facebook (Carrierebus) or LinkedIn (Carrierebus).

Free customized cv-check
You can read a lot about the best way to create your CV. Ultimately, the best way is the way you like it yourself. Your CV is your own business card. For this reason, De Carrièrebus offers you the opportunity to have your cv checked fully customized. Recruiters with extensive practical experience look at your own wishes and the way you like to profile yourself in the job market, and also give practical tips to make your CV even more effective. The purpose of the CV is that it represents you well and helps you get to the table with the employer you like!


Frisse Blikken
On Wednesday from 9.00 until 11.00 Frisse Blikken offers a training Talent Equation. Together we will play the Talent Equation game, which was designed by Frisse Blikken. This game helps you to discover your individual talents and how to put these to the maximum use!

83% of students have the ambition to become an entrepreneur. Only 1% eventually dares to start an enterprise after their studies. Frisse Blikken offers talented starters a kickstart to become a successful entrepreneur.

We are Frisse Blikken. We view the world around us from a fresh perspective, with wonder and curiosity. When we look at the major companies and organizations in this world, we see new challenges, and the need for change.We work with companies and organizations which are eager to harness the fresh perspective of young business talent. These organizations work with us to develop their learning and transition programs, to find new ways of reaching the modern consumer, to use gaming and gamification, promote process optimization, development of new talent or recruitment communication. These are all challenges which come natural to the younger generation, challenges which can benefit from a fresh perspective.

We believe that autonomy, responsibility and trust brings out the best in people. At Frisse Blikken we stick to these core values and provide young talent with the chance to realize their entrepreneurial dream. We invest in the talent of our employees, empowering them to make a difference in other organizations. We aim to bring innovation and acceleration to the world.